i feel sorry for every teenage girl with the last name cullen bc on every single social media site people are just gonna assume




i don’t play kingdom hearts and i don’t care about context

but for me this is a gif of a chess piece trying to seduce a girl by sensually thrusting its crotch at her and a suave guy in the background wondering why his chess friend can’t just be chill around the ladies


so this is what Kingdom Hearts looks like to outsiders

I have to reblog this too just because it makes me crack up.


probably my favorite tags i’ve ever seen here


i’m going to go to bed now. in case you aren’t feeling your best tonight, remember to treat yourself the same way you would treat your favourite character. if you’re feeling down, here is a livestream of a rescued kittens centre, here is a way to make your own handwriting into a font, here is a calming art maker and here is a website filled with relaxing sounds.


All bow to Her Highness the Bird Princess


All bow to Her Highness the Bird Princess

*Holds up blue feather* *whispers seductively* I have a large house and double bed


take me now


if you haven’t played 999 yet (and plan to) or haven’t finished it…, this is just fanart and has nothing to do with the game’s plot.